Wednesday, 30 November 2011

"Think Negative" November Challenge

This months Sarah's Cards Ltd challenge was to "think negative". The angle I chose to take was about my relationship with my mam. We're very close and always have been but since I left home to go to university us being apart has been difficult. Especially now that I live in the Midlands and she lives in the North of Scotland we really do miss each other an awful lot. So the negative is that we can't see each other as much as we'd like but the positive is that we're so close in the first place. I love the photos I chose to use as it makes me smile seeing pictures of her laughing and being so happy. 

Saturday, 29 October 2011

October "Pinterest" Challenge

This months Sarah's Cards Ltd challenge was to use "Pinterest" as inspiration to create a layout. I chose two images from one of my boards, the first is engraved cutlery which relates to the subject of my layout. I used the second pin as inspiration in the form of the journalling.

Having used the two pins from Pinterest I created this layout about being a "Wooden Spoon" and what this means to myself and Danny. I also tried hand stitching for the first time ever, think I'll get some practice in before I try stitching lettering again. 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sausage and Missus album

I've finally got my favourite scrapbook album back! It had been at my parents house in Inverness as I couldn't carry all my stuff down with me when I moved down to Nottingham but I managed to pick it up when I returned to Scotland for my Hen Do last weekend! I really love the album as it documents mine and Danny's first year together as a couple (March 2009- March 2010). It just makes me smile! :) 

This is the first page in our album, I chose this picture as it's one of my favourite of us! 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

September Challenge

This is my attempt at Sarah's Cards September Challenge. I found this sketch quite tricky actually, not too sure how happy I am with it overall; but I love the photos and am glad I've gone for a vibrant vibe with the layout. I really wanted to use the Bo Bunny floral paper, it took me agggggges cutting them out individually and deciding how to place them, but I do like how they've turned out. I can't actually believe these photos were taken in May 2009, it seems so long ago in one way and just like yesterday in another. They were taken in Pilrig Park in Edinburgh near my old flat. I remember it was a lovely sunny day so we decided to pop to the shop and get some nibbles and had a picnic in the park. It was exactly what I needed at the time as I was having a pretty rough time on placement at university so getting the chance to forget about all that and spend quality time with Danny was really special. At this time we'd only been going out for two months but days like these made us so close so quickly. I love that the photos remind me of such a special time with Danny.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Water Fun

As the journalling says; we visited Crantock beach in Cornwall a few times as it has been one of Danny's family traditions since his mum was little and even before this when his grandparent's first visited Cornwall on their honeymoon. While we were here we tried Body Boarding and I'll be honest as much as I love swimming, I was terrified! I'm so scared of fish and also generally how overwhelming the sea was! But I trusted Danny and am quite proud of myself for just going for it. It really was so much fun catching a wave! 

The "Trust" and "Play" tags were so appropriate for this layout, I just had to use them. And I'm happy now with how the waves look; but it did take ages to get them to look right and to draw and cut them out! 

Beach BBQ

These photos are from our holiday down to Cornwall last Summer. We decided to have a wee beach BBQ of our own. It was nice to get some time on our own and the BBQ itself was tasty, so much so the seagulls made it clear they wanted some too! After we finished our BBQ we had fun jumping and sliding about in the huge sand hills...which was probably a bit silly but it was fun!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


This layout was done as a wee momento of our holiday to Cornwall last Summer with Danny's family. The photo is of me, Danny and his little sisters; Hannah and Aimee. The holiday itself was somewhat stressful at times. I had a lot of things going on academically and this amongst other things tested us while down here. Although strained at times I'm glad I've seen another part of the country and got to visit Newquay as I'd always wanted to go there!

Here's is just a close up of the four of us. I also did some hidden journalling in the envelope.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Happy Birthday Sausage

Today is my lovely Danny's 23rd birthday so I got up early and set out the baking I hid and was busy making yesterday.Then got his presents ready for him getting up. I had so much fun making the little flags for his mars bar crispie cakes! I think he was quite surprised when he saw it all...I love giving presents so much! 

Here's the birthday boy...think I'll have to do a scrap page for this photo when I get a chance!

Friday, 19 August 2011

August Challenge

So here it is, my first ever go at entering a challenge.  Sarah's Cards Ltd chose their August challenge to be using five patterned papers. Most of the bits and pieces here are actually from their online store...I was so excited when I got my parcel of goodies a few days ago! Hope I did it right!

I chose to scrap this photo because it reminds me of one our best dates...I think it was later this evening that Danny said he wanted to marry me.

My 18th Birthday Book

I totally forgot about this! It's like over 4 years old and as the title says it's of my 18th Birthday!

This cake was literally the best cake I've EVER tasted! On my actual birthday I went for a family meal and was bought my first legal drink by my Daddy!

This was the night before me and my closest friends went down to Glasgow to see Jet at Carling Academy, it was one the best gigs I've been to. It was also on this trip that I got my first two tattoos.

We had lots of fun making cocktails and shots...which had some inventive names to say the least...

The next weekend was Jen's birthday so we had a joint party for both our birthdays.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

I miss you

I found this photo of me and my Shenair (Gaelic name for Granda). I don't have many memories of him as he died in 1992; but I've always felt a closeness to him. I know I was very special to him and feel like he's always looked over me. The photo itself must have been taken in 1989 seeing as I'm so tiny!

Heritage Scrapping

This Layout is of my mam's immediate family; my Granny, Shenair (Gaelic name for Granda), uncle Callum and my mam. I think the photo was taken in the late 1950's. I really love this photo and how old fashioned it looks, it's so special for me to have a family photo like this.