Friday, 26 August 2011

Water Fun

As the journalling says; we visited Crantock beach in Cornwall a few times as it has been one of Danny's family traditions since his mum was little and even before this when his grandparent's first visited Cornwall on their honeymoon. While we were here we tried Body Boarding and I'll be honest as much as I love swimming, I was terrified! I'm so scared of fish and also generally how overwhelming the sea was! But I trusted Danny and am quite proud of myself for just going for it. It really was so much fun catching a wave! 

The "Trust" and "Play" tags were so appropriate for this layout, I just had to use them. And I'm happy now with how the waves look; but it did take ages to get them to look right and to draw and cut them out! 


  1. Love how you created the waves here!:)

  2. I love the waves as well, they made me smile when I saw them.