Friday, 29 June 2012

Taking the next step...

As I've mentioned I've realised I need to step things up activity wise. So along with my swimming I want to join a gym. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it should be but I've literally been looking for a gym to join for weeks! I want to join one that's reasonably close/ walking distance, so that I'm more likely to go and not chicken out. I'm also quite constricted because of finances. I simply can't afford most of the gym contracts on offer and really need to go for a contract that if need be I can cancel if expenses become an issue. I imagine some may think I'm stalling and making excuses but I'm just being honest about what I feel has held me back from joining a gym again.

All this being said, I had a missed call from the Signpost service, "Healthy Change" that I was on the waiting list for, so I called them back today. Before I called I went online to try and find out what I could. Basically the thing I'm most interested in is the 12 weeks free gym membership that they offer. But when I looked into it I was a little put off that there is a group element to it. I know some people love group work and feed off it (so to speak). But I'm shy and tend not to like that so much, I'd rather just get on with it myself. But I thought it's free for 12 weeks so I can't really afford to miss an opportunity like this. So I called them and I was immediately disheartened when she said the earliest appointment was in August! I was like hmmm...that's a long time to wait just to get to speak to someone about what I want from the service. Then I'd have to wait to be referred to a gym, so I could see it taking ages. BUT after I said the main thing I was interested in was the gym program and not joining the likes of Slimming World she said that could be arranged sooner! :) So I've got an induction session on Wednesday the 11th July at 6pm, it's a little tight as I finish work at 5:30pm but hopefully it should be fine. So although I'm a little nervous I'm looking forward to it too, I really want to get into it! :) 

As for what I'm doing at the moment, I'm hoping to go swimming again on Sunday (possibly to a different pool to the one I thought I'd try as I've found one like a 15 min walk away). This is dependent on how I'm feeling then though as I've been fighting off a cold for the best part of a week. I've not felt right for a while but this stinker of a cold really kicked in a couple of days ago. At first I tried ignoring it and thought my aches were due to my weight training and sit ups but I really don't think it's that anymore. I'm feeling pretty wiped out and as today is my only day off this week I'm resting in the hope I'll feel tip top for Sunday to go swimming. Oh, and I've bought a new swimsuit that hopefully fits better than the other one! Lol 

Monday, 25 June 2012

Like a fish to water

I finally went swimming! It felt so so so good to swim again, I can't believe I left it so long. When I got in the water I actually went "Ahhh" and was doing a little (as much as you can in water) dance as it felt so great! 

The place we went to is a little out of the way and took longer than we planned to get there, meaning that by the time I met my friend after work, then figured out exactly how to get there we only had an hour until the pool closed. So in total we were physically in the pool for 45mins. Although I am so glad we went I don't think it's the right pool for me. Apart from the distance (which I could deal with) it was like a free for all. There was kids (and adults) messing about and playing games in the "swimmers" pool. So swimming in a straight line without having to dodge someone or the ball they were throwing was pretty frustrating and near impossible. So, I was talking to a girl at my work who suggested I try the pool she swims at so I think I will. It's actually even further away but if it means I can swim steadily for an hour then I'll be more than happy with that. I also have to buy a new swim suit as mine is kind of loose at the top and lets just say I had to adjust myself constantly in the pool, boobs popping out were not in my plan! Lol

I've really realised over the last 2 weeks just how much I need regular visits for weigh ins to my HCA. Normally I would see her today or tomorrow and I've kind of missed knowing exactly how I've done, as I don't trust my scales at home at all. I can literally step on it and they say one thing then go on them 30 seconds later and they say I've put on or lost a few lbs. So I think I should invest in a new set of scales. It's only just over 2 weeks until my parents come down to visit and 2 weeks tomorrow until I see my HCA to get weighed. So I really want to lose another 4 or 5 lbs (depending on which weigh in I go by) so I can say I've lost my first official stone. 

On that note I'm heading off to use my weights and do some sit ups. :)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

1000 star jump challenge

So last week I started the 1000 star jump challenge. The aim was to do them over 7 consecutive days with the claim that the calories burnt was equivalent to loosing 1lb. I'll freely admit there was a lot of heavy breathing and sweating involved but I'm proud to say I did it! :) I had a couple of days off where I thought- "I'll make up for it by doing double tomorrow", which I of course regretted on the day I had to do 300, but I got there. 

As for loosing that pound... I really don't know if I did. On Sunday the last day of the challenge my weight was the same as my last weigh in which I was pleased with as I have slacked off since then. So I wasn't too disheartened that I hadn't lost anything. But then on Monday and Tuesday the scales said I'd put on like 2lbs, which has definitely disheartened me. I don't know whats wrong with me. I feel like I've hit a bit of a brick wall and am worried I won't get beyond this point. 

I also feel pretty bad that I didn't go swimming in Sunday as I intended. My reason being I was horrendously hungover from a work night out. I barely lifted my head off my pillow all day so there was no hope of me going swimming. BUT I'm not chickening out this time, I WILL go this Sunday! 

In an effort to make myself feel better I decided to start using my weights again, they've been sat by my sofa for weeks and my husband even asked the other day why I don't just put them in the cupboard. This made me think enough was enough so I picked them up and used them! I did 30 reps of 7 different weight exercises, then some squats, all in all it took about 15-20 mins. So I'm thinking if I can couple that was some floor exercises like good old sit ups etc to take me up to 30 mins of exercise I'd be pretty chuffed with that. I have to say it feels quite good feeling like I've actually used my muscles today.My plan is to do this 5 times a week, so here's hoping I can keep it up.  

Friday, 15 June 2012

Needing a kick up the backside...

 Soooooo I had my weigh in with my HCA on Monday and as she's on holiday now my next appointment isn't for nearly a month. So me being me I slip into old habits and feel like I've slacked off a bit these last few days. I've been eating/drinking things I shouldn't (mainly crisps and fizzy drinks and basically my portion control has gone out the window)... I've spent the last hour or so catching up on blog posts and found a few new cool blogs too, this really does encourage me. I NEED to nip this in the bud and get back on track. Reading Brandie's blog is particularly inspiring and when I saw her virtual weight loss images I searched for a website to do one myself. Visual tools really help me and put things in perspective, it encourages me knowing I CAN look like this someday.  

I just need to pay more attention to my diet and up my activity (sounds easy, right?...HA). I'm still planning on going swimming on Sunday for the first time in nearly two years, the thought of getting into a swimsuit is a quite daunting but I know I CAN do this. So now to try and motivate myself I'm off to do 200 star jumps...that'll bring me to 600 so 400 to go by Sunday night to achieve my 1000 star jumps. (Really wish I'd done more earlier in the week...when will I learn?!)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Trying something new

I've seriously lost count of the number of weight loss blogs I've read over the last few weeks. I find it really encouraging and inspiring reading about other peoples journeys, struggles and the advice they can offer. It was while I was browsing blogs one night that I came across this rather intriguing exercise tip (I can't for the life of me remember which blog it was now-sorry!) It claimed that the calories burnt by doing 10 sets of 100 jumping jacks/star jumps over a 7 day period is equivalent to loosing 1 lb! It's a pretty big claim but I'm not going to it knock until I've tried it...which is exactly what I intend on doing. So I'll start today by doing 1 set of 100 star jumps and this time next week I WILL have done the 1000!...My only concerns are 1). How my knees will cope 2). How my rather sizable boobies will cope with all this rigorous jumping 3). How my neighbours downstairs will cope... so yeah, I'll let you know how I think it's gone in a weeks time :)

More Pinterest inspiration...

I thought I'd share another one of my Pinterest reminds exactly why I take the stairs to our flat and not the lift (which is very tempting as it's literally right by our front door!)

Weigh in time!

So I had my fortnightly weigh in with my HCA today and it turns out I lost another 4.5 lbs.I was really pleasantly surprised! My next official weigh in will be in a months time as she's away on holiday so I'm feeling positive about achieving my mini goal of loosing my "full" stone by the time my parents come down to visit in just over 5 weeks time. Seeing as that's a total of 11 lbs lost so far I THINK I might even exceed my mini goal (this is something I really didn't think would happen) here's hoping! I've also lost another 5cm off my waist, so that's a total of 6cm/2.3" so it all seems to be going in the right direction :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Pinterest Inspired

This is one of my pins from my Pinterest. I've been trying to remind myself of this as it's something I often forget. So I just thought I'd share it :)

Fancy a swim?

I do, rather a lot actually! I love swimming (always have) so I want to start doing it regularly again. The only problem is I am pretty self conscious and I don't like doing stuff like this on my own. Soooooo I asked a friend if she would go swimming with me and she said yes! So that's the first step, now we just need to decide where to go (as we live on opposite sides of town). I'm hoping to do it once a week for at least an hour. I figured this would be manageable and more realistic than me saying 'I'll go 3-4 times a week'. If I go once a week I'll be happy with that for now and once this is part of my routine I'm hoping I'll add more swimming sessions to my week. I'm not exactly known for my love of exercise (in pretty much any form) but I actually feel really excited to start swimming again! 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Photo of me now (Yuk!)...

This is a bit scary for me but I decided to upload a rather disgusting photo of myself. It was taken 2 weeks ago. I had to dress up as a sailor for work (I would normally never wear horizontal you can see they're not exactly my friends!) Although this photo makes me feel pretty sad I find it really encouraging looking on other peoples blogs seeing the difference in photos that weight loss has made through the different stages. So I'm hoping this will be another push for me. So I've set myself the target of putting a photo up when I (hopefully) reach my mini goal of losing a full 1 stone/6.5kg by the time my parents visit in just under 6 weeks time. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Mini goal

I've had a think and I've decided to set a mini weight loss goal. My parents come down to visit us 6 weeks yesterday. So I want to round my weight loss off to 1 stone/6.5kg by the time they visit. So as I've lost 6.5 pounds/3kg so far that means loosing another 7.5 pounds/3.5kg by the 12th of July. Can I do it??...Time will tell!  

It's a start!

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried my jeans on yesterday; they actually felt a little looser! And the new work trousers I bought were a comfortable 18 rather than the usual tight I'm making progress, slowly but surely! :)