Thursday, 21 June 2012

1000 star jump challenge

So last week I started the 1000 star jump challenge. The aim was to do them over 7 consecutive days with the claim that the calories burnt was equivalent to loosing 1lb. I'll freely admit there was a lot of heavy breathing and sweating involved but I'm proud to say I did it! :) I had a couple of days off where I thought- "I'll make up for it by doing double tomorrow", which I of course regretted on the day I had to do 300, but I got there. 

As for loosing that pound... I really don't know if I did. On Sunday the last day of the challenge my weight was the same as my last weigh in which I was pleased with as I have slacked off since then. So I wasn't too disheartened that I hadn't lost anything. But then on Monday and Tuesday the scales said I'd put on like 2lbs, which has definitely disheartened me. I don't know whats wrong with me. I feel like I've hit a bit of a brick wall and am worried I won't get beyond this point. 

I also feel pretty bad that I didn't go swimming in Sunday as I intended. My reason being I was horrendously hungover from a work night out. I barely lifted my head off my pillow all day so there was no hope of me going swimming. BUT I'm not chickening out this time, I WILL go this Sunday! 

In an effort to make myself feel better I decided to start using my weights again, they've been sat by my sofa for weeks and my husband even asked the other day why I don't just put them in the cupboard. This made me think enough was enough so I picked them up and used them! I did 30 reps of 7 different weight exercises, then some squats, all in all it took about 15-20 mins. So I'm thinking if I can couple that was some floor exercises like good old sit ups etc to take me up to 30 mins of exercise I'd be pretty chuffed with that. I have to say it feels quite good feeling like I've actually used my muscles today.My plan is to do this 5 times a week, so here's hoping I can keep it up.  


  1. You are doing great! Congrats on completeing your jumping jack goal. I know you are feeling bad about the 2 pounds but I wouldn't worry too much unless it became a trend. Us women fluctuate so much it's not even funny. It could have been many things ie. water weight, muscle you were building from all those jumping jacks, etc... I know this is easy to say being on the oposite side of things, but when I have a day where I gain, I will come back here and read my own words. I have also had a lot of people tell me that sometimes your body gets used to the way things are and if you just change up a thing or two (sounds like you are doing that) then it will bump you into your next losing streak. At any rate good luck to you! :)

    Learning To Live Again – My Weightloss Journey

    1. Thanks Brandie, you're right about the fluctuation, it's so frustrating. I think you're also right about mixing things up a bit, it's a really interesting concept thinking about our bodies getting used to certain patterns. As you say I'll just have keep at it and see how it goes. :)