Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fancy a swim?

I do, rather a lot actually! I love swimming (always have) so I want to start doing it regularly again. The only problem is I am pretty self conscious and I don't like doing stuff like this on my own. Soooooo I asked a friend if she would go swimming with me and she said yes! So that's the first step, now we just need to decide where to go (as we live on opposite sides of town). I'm hoping to do it once a week for at least an hour. I figured this would be manageable and more realistic than me saying 'I'll go 3-4 times a week'. If I go once a week I'll be happy with that for now and once this is part of my routine I'm hoping I'll add more swimming sessions to my week. I'm not exactly known for my love of exercise (in pretty much any form) but I actually feel really excited to start swimming again! 


  1. Swimming is a lot of fun. On one of my previous journeys that was my go to for excersize. I actually participated in water aerobics about 5 times a week. It got too expensive and now I don't own a swimsuit so I had to go with regular old cardio this thime around. You are going to have so much fun, and you got a friend to go with so that will double the fun for sure!

  2. I tried water aerobics once and actually really enjoyed it but I felt kinda out of place as everyone else was 65 years +. I know what you mean about it being expensive too. You're right about having my friend come with me though, makes it way more fun. I hope you get to go swimming again sometime (a swimsuit may help though :P) as it sounds like you had fun with it before. :)