Saturday, 2 June 2012

Photo of me now (Yuk!)...

This is a bit scary for me but I decided to upload a rather disgusting photo of myself. It was taken 2 weeks ago. I had to dress up as a sailor for work (I would normally never wear horizontal you can see they're not exactly my friends!) Although this photo makes me feel pretty sad I find it really encouraging looking on other peoples blogs seeing the difference in photos that weight loss has made through the different stages. So I'm hoping this will be another push for me. So I've set myself the target of putting a photo up when I (hopefully) reach my mini goal of losing a full 1 stone/6.5kg by the time my parents visit in just under 6 weeks time. 


  1. You don't look disgusting at all... I think we are our own worst critics. You keep on keeping on and soon you are going to LOVE what you see!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Brandie. I agree, I think we are our own worst critics but in my case I think I need to be. Sometimes seeing photos we don't want to admit looking like can be just the push we need to change things to do something about it.