Friday, 29 June 2012

Taking the next step...

As I've mentioned I've realised I need to step things up activity wise. So along with my swimming I want to join a gym. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it should be but I've literally been looking for a gym to join for weeks! I want to join one that's reasonably close/ walking distance, so that I'm more likely to go and not chicken out. I'm also quite constricted because of finances. I simply can't afford most of the gym contracts on offer and really need to go for a contract that if need be I can cancel if expenses become an issue. I imagine some may think I'm stalling and making excuses but I'm just being honest about what I feel has held me back from joining a gym again.

All this being said, I had a missed call from the Signpost service, "Healthy Change" that I was on the waiting list for, so I called them back today. Before I called I went online to try and find out what I could. Basically the thing I'm most interested in is the 12 weeks free gym membership that they offer. But when I looked into it I was a little put off that there is a group element to it. I know some people love group work and feed off it (so to speak). But I'm shy and tend not to like that so much, I'd rather just get on with it myself. But I thought it's free for 12 weeks so I can't really afford to miss an opportunity like this. So I called them and I was immediately disheartened when she said the earliest appointment was in August! I was like hmmm...that's a long time to wait just to get to speak to someone about what I want from the service. Then I'd have to wait to be referred to a gym, so I could see it taking ages. BUT after I said the main thing I was interested in was the gym program and not joining the likes of Slimming World she said that could be arranged sooner! :) So I've got an induction session on Wednesday the 11th July at 6pm, it's a little tight as I finish work at 5:30pm but hopefully it should be fine. So although I'm a little nervous I'm looking forward to it too, I really want to get into it! :) 

As for what I'm doing at the moment, I'm hoping to go swimming again on Sunday (possibly to a different pool to the one I thought I'd try as I've found one like a 15 min walk away). This is dependent on how I'm feeling then though as I've been fighting off a cold for the best part of a week. I've not felt right for a while but this stinker of a cold really kicked in a couple of days ago. At first I tried ignoring it and thought my aches were due to my weight training and sit ups but I really don't think it's that anymore. I'm feeling pretty wiped out and as today is my only day off this week I'm resting in the hope I'll feel tip top for Sunday to go swimming. Oh, and I've bought a new swimsuit that hopefully fits better than the other one! Lol 

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