Thursday, 26 July 2012

First circuit and strength training class- done!

Well, I did it. And I'm a little surprised I didn't chicken out tbh. 

When I got to the gym I was first told to sit with some women who were also waiting for the class. I started speaking to one woman, who I've come to the conclusion is one of the competitive types that my instructor mentioned. It was only her second week but by the time the class was over she was insisting that her first week was far harder than mine. Funnily enough I overheard the instructor say at the end that they'd made this class harder (I'm sure I had a wee smirk on my face when I heard that). 

Our first hurdle was climbing the stairs to the class which was 3 floors up. We started off with a warm up and the first thing I learnt is that I have terrible coordination skills. Me trying to do a mirror image of what the instructor was doing was a challenge, no doubt about it! However, I managed- just! The next thing we did was a series of runs from one end of the hall to the other. I have to be honest and say I was filled with dread when we had to get into groups. The thought of running in front of a room full of people made me feel a little sick. I think there was 5 runs in total. This included running backwards, sideways, then doing 10 reps of various exercises between runs. While we waited for our turn to run there was plenty of marching on the spot to keep us going. I have to say although I'm still not totally comfortable with running, especially in front of people, it felt quite nice being in a room with other people like me who I felt weren't judging me in the way I automatically assume most slimmer people do. 

After this the actual circuit training started. We had to get into groups of 3, then do a mixture of running from one side of the hall to the other for 1 minute, star jumps for a minute and then 1 minute of differing exercises, for example wall press ups, step ups etc. This was repeated for 8 stations. Needless to say by this point I am knackered! We finished it by cooling off walking round the room and stretching. 

I did doubt myself in the first 5 minutes of the class. It even crossed my mind that I might not return. But I'm so glad I went and will definitely be going back on Tuesday. I'm quite surprised how much I pushed myself,I did full star jumps at every opportunity even though the instructor suggested we do half ones and I ran rather than jogged for most of running parts of the circuit, which probably doesn't sound like much at all, but usually I try and exert myself as little as possible. As a result I am now paying for it, my thighs ache so much! Going up and down stairs is really sore but I'm determined to go to the gym tomorrow after work (not for my circuit training class) just to use the machines. 

So all in all it turned out to be a good experience and I'm pleasantly surprised. :) 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The wanderer returns...

So it's been nearly 2 weeks since my last blog post. My parents visit has been and gone, it was lovely seeing them and the week flew by. Needless to say we did eat out almost every day and I really started to feel the effects of my eating out. I felt bloated, lethargic and basically blah! It just goes to show how my body reacts in a relatively short space of time to these changes. 

I had my induction at the gym last Thursday and I think it went pretty well. Someone on reception showed me round a little bit for about 15 mins, then left me to my own devices. I stayed and worked out for a further hour. And it felt GREAT to have worked out. I liked how it made me feel and I even left feeling proud of myself. I'm not sure how helpful I found the guy who showed me round though, he didn't seem to have much time for me and it felt like he was just going through the motions with what he was saying. He told me to never do stretches before a workout and that it was better to just warm up on a bike or treadmill.Is this right? Because I thought you were meant to stretch before and after? I'm clearly no expert but I found this a bit strange. He said the muscles aren't warmed up so it's damaging to do stretches before a workout. I thought the whole point of stretching was to warm them up. Before I left my actual instructor for my class came over to see how I was getting on. I asked him what I should expect from today's class and he said he pairs us up to do our circuit training. He also said the group I'm joining is really competitive so I'll really enjoy it- clearly he has misread me as I am not good in competitive situations and to be honest the prospect of group workouts scares me a bit. It kind of brings up all these fears about being the slowest, fattest, worst in the group, just like in school. So yeah, I'm kind of dreading it tonight. So I'll keep you posted on how my first class goes tonight.  

I was also supposed to have my weigh in with my HCA this morning but she had to cancel as she's not well so the earliest we can rearrange an appointment is Monday the 6th of August. 

Seeing as it's such a lovely day I'm going to see if my husband will join me for a walk. 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rejoining the gym

Today I had what I thought was going to be my gym induction. It turns out it was actually a meet and greet session. So I learnt about what this gym programme will involve and who my instructor will be. He seems like a friendly guy but sounds like he likes to push his clients to their limits, which I have to say is scary prospect, but probably exactly what I need. 

So I have my induction a week Thursday (I've delayed it a week as my parents are visiting) where they'll show me how to use the equipment etc (I'm assuming this is what'll happen anyway). Then my first official class will be Tuesday the 24th, where it's an hour of circuit based exercise. This 12 week programme is free through the NHS and apart from the 12 sessions I've signed up for I'll also have access to the gym facilities at certain times through out the week. This is something I didn't know before today, so I think I'd like to try and go twice a week along with my swimming once a week. 

So as to record my progress my height, weight, and blood pressure were taken. What the scales used said I weigh was considerably different to what yesterdays reading was. I mentioned this to my instructor and we based it on all scales being different. It was 5kg/ 11 lbs different. I'd like to believe I lost 11 lbs over night but I don't think so some how- wishful thinking! :P  I checked my weight on my scales when I got home and they said I was like 2-3 lbs lighter than yesterday but then when I weighed myself like 3 hours later my weight was up again (I had eaten my diner to be fair) I know we all fluctuate but it really does drive me crazy! 

So I really think the best thing to do is just stick with what my HCA's scales say and follow the loss from their readings. I say this now but I know full well it won't stop me from checking my own daily. Also, when I was telling my husband about it all he said he might look into it too, I think it'd be cool if we both did it together. :)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Epic fail...

Today was not great, understatement- it was rubbish! Or more to the point I'm rubbish. I had my weigh-in with my HCA and it's fair to say I left feeling more than a little disappointed in myself. I've put on nearly half a pound in the 4 weeks since I was last officially weighed. I knew deep down that there wasn't going to be a loss. I've openly admitted that I've struggled not having my fortnightly weigh-ins and I did slack off after having a successful previous weigh-in. I really think in my head I was like "I did well last time so I don't have to work so hard for now", as messed up as it sounds I think that's the reason for my failure. I feel truly awful and sad and mad at myself.

I'm particularly upset as I'm certain I've ruined my chances of achieving my mini-goal of losing my first full stone by the time my parents come to visit (in just under two days). I'll weigh myself on Thursday (saying that I weigh myself a everyday anyway...) to see but I'm sure it won't happen. I really need to be mindful over this next week and a bit as no doubt we will eat out more than usual. I don't want to set myself up to fail, but maybe (just MAYBE) if I behave diet wise then I can lose the 2.5lbs to allow me to have lost my first stone by the time my parents leave (19/07/12). 

The only positive that I learnt today was that I've lost another cm off my waist- certainly nothing to brag about but I guess it's better to lose a little than nothing at all. I also realised how supportive my HCA really is. I have my gym induction tomorrow after work and she wants me to call her before my next appointment in 2 weeks time to find out how I get on. She's so positive and insists I'm being too hard on myself and thinks I've done ok considering I've struggled so much. But I'm sure most of you can relate to how it feels when you've really let yourself down. My husband also said he's starting to notice a difference in me, which is encouraging. But I felt like I was at my rock bottom today and I need to remember how this disappointment feels so that I do all that I can to not let this happen again. 

So, it's time to pick my sorry self up; brush myself off and get on with it. 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Will I ever find a pool?

In short, yes! 

After a disastrous swim last Sunday I thought I'd never find a pool I liked. It was so grotty and dated, to the point where my friend actually asked if we could leave! But we were there and I really wanted to do some exercise so we stayed and swam for 40 minutes. It's safe to say we won't be going back there though! So today we tried out our third swimming pool and this one is actually lovely! Clean and modern and only a 15 minute walk from my flat. I'm so pleased to have found somewhere to swim. We joked about being "serial swimming pool users" and wondered if we'd end up getting round all the swimming pools in Nottingham! But hopefully this will be the one for us. Today I swam for 50 minutes which felt really good. 

This weekend I need to shop for some new gym clothes and trainers, so fingers crossed I find something. I'm still feeling a little nervous about using the gym again, so hopefully after my induction on Wednesday I'll feel more at ease. 

I'm also a little worried about reaching my mini goal of losing my first full stone by the time my parents come down a week today. I guess I'll see what the scales say on Tuesday when I see my HCA for my official weigh in.