Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rejoining the gym

Today I had what I thought was going to be my gym induction. It turns out it was actually a meet and greet session. So I learnt about what this gym programme will involve and who my instructor will be. He seems like a friendly guy but sounds like he likes to push his clients to their limits, which I have to say is scary prospect, but probably exactly what I need. 

So I have my induction a week Thursday (I've delayed it a week as my parents are visiting) where they'll show me how to use the equipment etc (I'm assuming this is what'll happen anyway). Then my first official class will be Tuesday the 24th, where it's an hour of circuit based exercise. This 12 week programme is free through the NHS and apart from the 12 sessions I've signed up for I'll also have access to the gym facilities at certain times through out the week. This is something I didn't know before today, so I think I'd like to try and go twice a week along with my swimming once a week. 

So as to record my progress my height, weight, and blood pressure were taken. What the scales used said I weigh was considerably different to what yesterdays reading was. I mentioned this to my instructor and we based it on all scales being different. It was 5kg/ 11 lbs different. I'd like to believe I lost 11 lbs over night but I don't think so some how- wishful thinking! :P  I checked my weight on my scales when I got home and they said I was like 2-3 lbs lighter than yesterday but then when I weighed myself like 3 hours later my weight was up again (I had eaten my diner to be fair) I know we all fluctuate but it really does drive me crazy! 

So I really think the best thing to do is just stick with what my HCA's scales say and follow the loss from their readings. I say this now but I know full well it won't stop me from checking my own daily. Also, when I was telling my husband about it all he said he might look into it too, I think it'd be cool if we both did it together. :)


  1. Excited to keep up with your gym adventures! Good job getting in it!!

  2. I am also excited to keep up with your gym adventures. I can understand your being scared at the prospect of being pushed to your limit. I do agree with you though, I think that sometimes it is that push that we need to be successful. It is wonderful that your hubby is thinking of joining you, having that support is very helpful.

  3. Thanks ladies. I feel mixed about the whole gym thing but I know it's what I need :)