Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The wanderer returns...

So it's been nearly 2 weeks since my last blog post. My parents visit has been and gone, it was lovely seeing them and the week flew by. Needless to say we did eat out almost every day and I really started to feel the effects of my eating out. I felt bloated, lethargic and basically blah! It just goes to show how my body reacts in a relatively short space of time to these changes. 

I had my induction at the gym last Thursday and I think it went pretty well. Someone on reception showed me round a little bit for about 15 mins, then left me to my own devices. I stayed and worked out for a further hour. And it felt GREAT to have worked out. I liked how it made me feel and I even left feeling proud of myself. I'm not sure how helpful I found the guy who showed me round though, he didn't seem to have much time for me and it felt like he was just going through the motions with what he was saying. He told me to never do stretches before a workout and that it was better to just warm up on a bike or treadmill.Is this right? Because I thought you were meant to stretch before and after? I'm clearly no expert but I found this a bit strange. He said the muscles aren't warmed up so it's damaging to do stretches before a workout. I thought the whole point of stretching was to warm them up. Before I left my actual instructor for my class came over to see how I was getting on. I asked him what I should expect from today's class and he said he pairs us up to do our circuit training. He also said the group I'm joining is really competitive so I'll really enjoy it- clearly he has misread me as I am not good in competitive situations and to be honest the prospect of group workouts scares me a bit. It kind of brings up all these fears about being the slowest, fattest, worst in the group, just like in school. So yeah, I'm kind of dreading it tonight. So I'll keep you posted on how my first class goes tonight.  

I was also supposed to have my weigh in with my HCA this morning but she had to cancel as she's not well so the earliest we can rearrange an appointment is Monday the 6th of August. 

Seeing as it's such a lovely day I'm going to see if my husband will join me for a walk. 


  1. You know if you fancied moving you would have the perfect gym buddy :) :) I'll need the motivation in January xxx

    1. Aww I wish we could be gym buddies! You'll have the perfect little motivation in January ;) x