Thursday, 30 August 2012

Yoga or Pilates?

After my last weigh in my HCA recommended I slow down on my gym workouts until after I get my MRI scan (which I don't know when I'll get...) as my knee is feeling a bit aggravated (I was only going 3-4 times a week) but I do a fair bit of walking aswell. I was pretty disappointed as I feel like it's all finally starting to feel more like it's becoming a routine for me to actually do exercise. 

Anyhoo, she suggested I try Yoga or something with less impact on the joints instead, which is something I have always been interested in. I picked up a leaflet about the different classes that run at my gym and found that there's a few Yoga classes and also some Pilates classes. So when I was at the gym last night I asked one the instructors if these classes were suitable for beginners and her response was "try it and see how you feel" before swiftly walking off...not exactly helpful! I know I'd need to take it at my own pace but I kind of wanted some more info on the classes. I think I will try one of them but the question is which one? 

So I wondered if anyone would recommend one over the other? Has anyone tried either, what did you think of it?   

I liked this wee proverb. It's very true as being in the right mindset has been so important for me for the millionth time attempting to have a healthier lifestyle.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Friend Making Mondays

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

Tech Questions

1.  PC or Mac?  pc
2. When did you get your first computer? We got our first family pc when I was about 10 so like 1999ish. I got my first laptop when I went to uni in 2007
3. Do you use cable, DSL or something else?  I'm not 100% what these things are as in the UK I think we call them different things. 
4. When choosing a laptop, do you think it’s more important to choose the fastest one, or the lightest one?  I don't travel with my laptop, so the lightness of it doesn't matter too much so it being fast would be more important to me.
5. What kind of cell phone do you own?  Do you like it? I have a pretty ancient sony Ericsson that is on its last legs. But luckily I'm due an upgrade soon and can't wait to have a phone like everyone else! Lol
6. How do you carry your laptop when you travel?  I don't really travel with it but when I have done in the past I have my trusty "laptop rucksack"- I hate how it looks but it has plenty of padding and does the job.
7. How many e-mails do you send on an average day? I probably send more during work than at home. Probably less than 5 a day on average, so not many tbh.
8. Do you ever blog using your iPad or similar tablet? Nope, seeing as I don't have either.
9. What do you use more often – a desktop or a laptop? Laptop as that's all we have in our home.
10.  As a blogger, are there other gadgets that you need to get the job done?  If so, what are they?  I feel my blog lacks photos etc but once I get my new phone I'll be able to take better quality photos and hopefully be able to upload more easily. So watch this space! :)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

FMM (Woops 4 days late)

Here's my contribution to this weeks 'Friend Making Monday'. I've had a busy week so it's really a little late (sorry) :)

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

Inappropriate Questions

1. Will you vote in the upcoming presidential election?  No because I'm a Scottish girl living in England and we don't have any upcoming elections.
2. Do you say curse words? Yes. But I'm aware of the situation I'm in so only use them around people I know won't be offended. 
3. Have you ever kissed a stranger? Yep
4. If you could choose to meet only one fellow blogger in person right now who would you choose? This is tricky. There is a lot of people I admire so really don't think I can pick just one. The two people I can relate to and enjoying reading about most are probably Bailey from and Jessica from I hope to do as well as them in my weight loss journey, plus they seem like lovely people.
5. What is the most inappropriate pick-up line that anyone has ever used on you?  I never really got approached with pick up lines as such. But this guy came up to me and tried to impress me by saying he was pretty big in the abattoir business, he went on to reel off all the mainstream supermarkets he works with. Needless to say as a married vegetarian I was not in the slightest bit impressed or interested. I think chat up lines are funny and I would probably burst out laughing if anyone used one on me or if I heard one being used in a bar. 
6. Do you sing in the shower?  sometimes, but I think I used to do it more in the past. Maybe I should take it up again. 
7. How often do you get drunk?  It sounds bad but I'm kind of a binge drinker :/ That sounds awful but I don't drink very often at all, I probably have an average of like 4 or 5 hangovers a year tops. I'm a social drinker and only have a couple of drinks a month apart from my proper "going out" drinks with friends. :)
8. Have you ever been fired from a job?  Nope
9. Were you popular in high school?  I would say no. I was very quiet and shy and hated the whole pecking order that school had, so wasn't interested in sucking up to the "cool kids". I always had my own group of friends and I was happy with that. 
10. Who is your current celebrity crush? I loved LOST so I had a big crush on Josh Holloway and I'd say Channing Tatum isn't too shabby :P

5 lbs down!!

I had my weigh in with my HCA today and I've lost 5 lbs in 2 and a half weeks so still going steady! I'm really pleased that I've got something to show for my hard work over the last couple of weeks. I've been pushing 4 hours a week at the gym, and a heap of walking too. 

I feel like I'm buzzing just now but I need to keep myself on track as I know last time I lost a good amount of lbs I slacked off so I'm determined to not let that happen again. 

The only concern I have is that as I'm waiting for a referral for an MRI on my knee my HCA has said I should reduce my gym sessions to twice a week. I think I'll go twice a week to do the cardio etc and either swim once a week or start doing yoga. I'll see what I feel like.

I found this and it made me laugh so I thought I'd share it:

Happy Thursday everyone! :)

Friday, 17 August 2012

1 bad day = 1 good day

Tuesday was a bad day. 

Basically, for the first time I missed my gym class. I wasn't feeling great; I'd been dizzy on and off all day, so thought I'd best leave it. I felt really disappointed in myself, as I've been told I give up too easily in the past. My husband tried to reassure me that I wasn't giving up I just wasn't well. But still I was so annoyed at myself.  

To top off an awful day my husbands wedding ring fell and broke clean in two! We're not really superstitious and I know it's just a piece of metal but I'm sentimental and it made me sad to see it broken. Once we have some spare cash (whenever that is?!) we'll get him a new one though :)

As the saying goes, 'things can only get better'! And they did... I couldn't go to the gym on Wednesday as I was working at the time that I'm permitted to go due to my membership type. So I went last night and worked out for 1 hour 20mins. I really pushed myself and couldn't believe how worn out and sweaty I got(Gross I know)! I started with 25 mins on the bike (259 calories burnt), then moved on to do 100 ab crunches, 100 arm/pectoral exercises (apologies for not knowing the proper names of the machines), then 30 of this arm workout that I find really hard, I never realised before just how weak my arms are! Then I walked sheepishly to the treadmill, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. I hate doing it but love how I feel when I get off it, because I always find it a challenge. I managed to do 25mins on it, I think I only did 1.7 miles but of the 25mins I mixed it up by jogging for 12.5 mins, as I wanted to jog for half the time I was on it. I really surprised myself by jogging for 5 mins straight!! I couldn't believe that I could physically do it. Considering 4 weeks ago jogging for a minute straight was an accomplishment I have to say I was pretty proud of myself. :)

I know I did good yesterday because my legs ached so bad, but they're feeling better now so I'm going to walk into town for the gym in the next half hour.

Hope everyone has a nice start to their weekend! :) 

Monday, 13 August 2012

Friend Making Mondays

I first came across 'Friend Making Mondays' from reading about it on Amanda's blog I was intrigued as to what it was so looked it up. I think it's such a  cool concept. So have a look for more info on it. Here goes my first attempt:

In the Kitchen

1. How often do you cook at home? Probably 4 times a week, my husband and I take turns
2. Do you eat more fresh produce, frozen or canned produce? As a vegetarian I tend to eat a fair bit of fresh produce (though I could do with eating more).  I also eat Quorn products regularly so they are usually frozen. So I guess it's  bit of both.
3. What are a few unusual staples that can always be found in your kitchen?  Sweet chill dipping sauce- I have it with EVERYTHING!
4. Look in your fridge, then tell us about the healthiest thing in there. Strawberries (my favourite fruit) and broccoli (my favourite veg)
5. Now share the most unhealthy thing in it. The full fat cheese, I'm trying really hard to have low fat but my taste buds haven't adapted yet and I'm not sure they will :/
6. Do you eat leftovers? Almost always- my bad
7. Do you use coupons at the supermarket? If I get the likes of Tesco vouchers I try and use them, but I forget sometimes and they go out of date before I realise.
8. How often do you try new recipes? I'm bad for not trying new things. I've only recently realised just what a fussy eater I am. 
9. Do you make grocery lists?  Do you stick to them? Occasionally, but hardly ever stick to them, something extra always catches my eye.
10. If you could buy one food item that would magically be calorie-free, which item would you choose? Crisps without a doubt! They're my absolute naughty nibble!
 Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions.  Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments!  Happy Monday, friends!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Say Cheese!!

So I've finally gone and done it and uploaded a couple of rather scary photos of myself. Apologies for the serious/grumpy look on my face- that's my concentrating face :)

I've also decided to put up my 'numbers', which was a huge decision for me as I've always been incredibly private and ashamed of them. I figured if most of you lovely people share then I can too.  

I'll keep this post short but thought I'd add that I'm shattered!! My workout today really kicked my butt into gear!! I worked out for 1 hour 20 minutes solid today at the gym. I usually work out for 1 hour but as I had to cut my workout on Wednesday short to 45 minutes, so I would make my doctors appointment I wanted to make up for it today- and boy does it feel like I did!! I think I was starting to get used to exercising for 1 hour so my body found this extra 20 minutes a shock today! The 20 minute walk home from the gym really finished me off! I do feel quite proud of myself for staying on the treadmill for 30 minutes though and I even managed to mix it up with jogging for 10 minutes of those 30. It wasn't 10 minutes straight- I think that would actually kill me!!! I did it in intervals but I surprised myself that I could actually do it and not collapse at the end! I'm not saying my legs weren't jelly but I could still use them to go on the rowing machine so that's a plus! :) 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Catch 22 : /

Today I think I'll go for a walk into town, I could do with getting a couple of things, plus it's nice out so I feel I should really take advantage of that! 

Also, this means I'll have something to add my exercise log on 'myfitnesspal'. I can't believe what a great resource that site is, I'm so glad I joined! It also puts things into perspective, I never really realised how many calories were burnt from just walking! I'm filling it in religiously and it really has made me realise just exactly what food I'm putting into my body... put it this way- no more garlic mayo for me for a while, that stuff is oh so good! bad,bad,bad :/

I feel a bit bad not going to the gym today but as my membership is free this means I can only go at certain times of the day and today only permits me to go between 7-9pm. By this time my husband will be home from work and I'll want to spend time with him chatting about our days. I'd say this is the only real downside to the gym programme I'm on, the available times are sometimes inconvenient. 

I can't remember if I've ever mentioned my problems with my knee before but it's been playing up again. Like, over the last 2 weeks at the gym I'm becoming more and more aware of it when I do virtually anything with my legs. Every pedal of the bike, push of the rowing machine and pounding of the treadmill I feel it twinge. I'm so scared of it locking again as it's so excruciating. I'm not sure what's wrong, I saw a doctor about it when I was 16 and had an MRI scan done, they found nothing then referred me to for physio. I decided to visit my new doctor on wednesday and she examined my knee and leg again. She had previously said that she thinks I have loose ligaments (I'm not really too sure what this actually means!?) She has decided to refer me for another MRI scan to see if anything shows up this time.

The other reason I made an appointment with my doctor was about my increasingly regular headaches. She had a look at the headache diary she'd asked me to keep and said they're far too regular to be normal. She was undecided between 3 medications as to what to prescribe me. So as a starting point she has started me on Propranolol, I'm to take them 3 times a day for a month then come back and tell her if they've made a difference. Yesterday was my first day taking them and I have to say I had some pretty bad stomach cramps and shooting pains (which is rare for me). My doctor also said that as Propranolol suppresses adrenaline I'm likely to get far more tired from doing exercise than before- not exactly what I need to help me get more active. It feels kind of like a catch 22, my headaches are debilitating but then so is being overweight, but hopefully I won't feel too affected by them (fingers and toes crossed anyway!) I really don't want it to hold me back as I feel like I'm just starting to get into my stride with exercise.

One last thing before I go into town- I've also decided to upload a progress photo (eek!!) So once I've found the camera cable I'll add those on. Later alligators!! :) 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Officially 1 stone lost!

Today I saw my HCA and she weighed me. I'm very pleased to say I have officially lost my first stone/14lbs of weight! I've also lost another 1 cm off my waist so I'm doing something right, even if it is slow and steady. 

I went to the gym for an hours workout after work on Friday evening. I was pleasantly surprised when the receptionist commented on what a hard worker I am and that I'm there a lot. To be honest I feel like I'm doing the minimum I should be doing but it felt good to have someone I don't even know recognise my efforts.

I have my third circuit training class tomorrow, so I'll let you know how I get on. :)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Phone appointment/ my fitness pal

I forgot to mention the phone appointment I had yesterday from 'Healthy Change' the NHS run programme I'm going to the gym through. They've got a really long waiting list so that's why I've only just had my 'first' phone appointment. Technically it's not the first call I've had from them, as that's how I got onto this gym programme. But it is the first in depth call I've had from them. I thought it would take like 5 minutes but I ended up being on the phone for nearly an hour! It was quite comprehensive as the woman I spoke to asked detailed questions about my diet,exercise, well being, general health and goals. So long conversion/story short, I've set a number of goals which will be revisited in my next call from them in September. 

My goals are:
1). To increase my fruit and veg intake to 5 a day.
2). Reduce how much crisps (my biggest weakness!!) I eat to one       bag a week and replace the crisps I eat now with healthier       options of snack-a-jacks for snacks.
3). Reduce the amount of fizzy drinks that I have to 2 a week
4). Eat less cheese
5). Lose 1.5 lbs a week

So they are pretty achievable if I can stick at them. So fingers crossed I can do it! 

On a side note I've just started using 'myfitnesspal' and wondered how we add the badges and tickers to our blogs? as I can't seem to work it out myself! Any help would be much appreciated! :)

Gym update

That's week two of my circuit/strength training class completed! When I got there I was pretty scared at the mention of the words 'Fitness Test'. But I have to say it wasn't half as bad as I was imagining before the class actually started. The class consisted of the same warm up as last week. I struggled yet again with my coordination (or lack of) but did manage to copy the instructors exercises. Then we did the same set of runs as last week. Before we started our fitness tests we were paired up and told that one of us would count while the other worked out and vice virsa, seems simple right? Well apparently not! The first test was the sit to stand exercise. I managed to do 35 in a minute. My partner did 33, however when we finished and went over to tell the instructor our scores she said she did 36...I didn't say anything, because I just wouldn't and thought to myself she's only cheating herself really. Anyway, then we did shuttle runs from one end of the hall and back for 1 minute, I *think* I did 6 full ones. The reason I'm not 100% sure is that my partner said she couldn't remember if I did 6 or 10- I mean seriously, there's kind of a difference! So I ended up saying 6 to the instructor, as I feel this is more likely. Then we had to do 1 minute of step up exercises, I did 46. Lastly, we had 6 minutes to do a series of exercises and shuttle runs, we basically had to do as many as we could manage and I did 6 in total. 

Although it probably sounds like I don't like the lady I was partnered with, she did actually seem lovely and was pretty encouraging. I think it's just taught me to keep a note of my own scores even when someone else is supposed to be doing it, so I'll remember that for next time. :) 

I don't really know how well I did as such. But I'm looking forward to aiming for an improvement next time we do them. I bumped into one of the instructors as I was leaving and he asked how I found it? I admitted I was nervous at the thought of a fitness test but actually enjoyed it more than I imagined. It was nice to hear it reiterated that it's all about our own numbers/scores and how well we do against ourselves rather than compared to others, which is something I've always associated with 'fitness tests' before. 

Seeing as I'm on this fitness programme and it offers free use of the gym facilities I have been trying to take advantage of this. My aim is to workout for an hour each time I go. I went 2 times on top of my class last week. As for this week I plan to go tomorrow after work. I'm off today so really should go but because the use of the gym is free I'm only permitted to use it at certain times, so day is between 7-9pm. I know I should be more motivated and go tonight but my excuse reasoning behind not going is that I have walked into town and back TWICE today, which comes to just over an hour of solid walking. The reason that it was twice is because one of the presents I bought for my husbands birthday turned out to be just an empty box, so fair to say I wasn't best pleased when I realised this! I wanted to go back to the shop as soon as possible before they accused me of lying about the box containing nothing so that's why I went twice. I suppose it turned out to be a positive as it meant I ended up doing twice the exercise I would have done today. So 'every cloud...' and all that! :)