Friday, 17 August 2012

1 bad day = 1 good day

Tuesday was a bad day. 

Basically, for the first time I missed my gym class. I wasn't feeling great; I'd been dizzy on and off all day, so thought I'd best leave it. I felt really disappointed in myself, as I've been told I give up too easily in the past. My husband tried to reassure me that I wasn't giving up I just wasn't well. But still I was so annoyed at myself.  

To top off an awful day my husbands wedding ring fell and broke clean in two! We're not really superstitious and I know it's just a piece of metal but I'm sentimental and it made me sad to see it broken. Once we have some spare cash (whenever that is?!) we'll get him a new one though :)

As the saying goes, 'things can only get better'! And they did... I couldn't go to the gym on Wednesday as I was working at the time that I'm permitted to go due to my membership type. So I went last night and worked out for 1 hour 20mins. I really pushed myself and couldn't believe how worn out and sweaty I got(Gross I know)! I started with 25 mins on the bike (259 calories burnt), then moved on to do 100 ab crunches, 100 arm/pectoral exercises (apologies for not knowing the proper names of the machines), then 30 of this arm workout that I find really hard, I never realised before just how weak my arms are! Then I walked sheepishly to the treadmill, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. I hate doing it but love how I feel when I get off it, because I always find it a challenge. I managed to do 25mins on it, I think I only did 1.7 miles but of the 25mins I mixed it up by jogging for 12.5 mins, as I wanted to jog for half the time I was on it. I really surprised myself by jogging for 5 mins straight!! I couldn't believe that I could physically do it. Considering 4 weeks ago jogging for a minute straight was an accomplishment I have to say I was pretty proud of myself. :)

I know I did good yesterday because my legs ached so bad, but they're feeling better now so I'm going to walk into town for the gym in the next half hour.

Hope everyone has a nice start to their weekend! :) 

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