Friday, 10 August 2012

Catch 22 : /

Today I think I'll go for a walk into town, I could do with getting a couple of things, plus it's nice out so I feel I should really take advantage of that! 

Also, this means I'll have something to add my exercise log on 'myfitnesspal'. I can't believe what a great resource that site is, I'm so glad I joined! It also puts things into perspective, I never really realised how many calories were burnt from just walking! I'm filling it in religiously and it really has made me realise just exactly what food I'm putting into my body... put it this way- no more garlic mayo for me for a while, that stuff is oh so good! bad,bad,bad :/

I feel a bit bad not going to the gym today but as my membership is free this means I can only go at certain times of the day and today only permits me to go between 7-9pm. By this time my husband will be home from work and I'll want to spend time with him chatting about our days. I'd say this is the only real downside to the gym programme I'm on, the available times are sometimes inconvenient. 

I can't remember if I've ever mentioned my problems with my knee before but it's been playing up again. Like, over the last 2 weeks at the gym I'm becoming more and more aware of it when I do virtually anything with my legs. Every pedal of the bike, push of the rowing machine and pounding of the treadmill I feel it twinge. I'm so scared of it locking again as it's so excruciating. I'm not sure what's wrong, I saw a doctor about it when I was 16 and had an MRI scan done, they found nothing then referred me to for physio. I decided to visit my new doctor on wednesday and she examined my knee and leg again. She had previously said that she thinks I have loose ligaments (I'm not really too sure what this actually means!?) She has decided to refer me for another MRI scan to see if anything shows up this time.

The other reason I made an appointment with my doctor was about my increasingly regular headaches. She had a look at the headache diary she'd asked me to keep and said they're far too regular to be normal. She was undecided between 3 medications as to what to prescribe me. So as a starting point she has started me on Propranolol, I'm to take them 3 times a day for a month then come back and tell her if they've made a difference. Yesterday was my first day taking them and I have to say I had some pretty bad stomach cramps and shooting pains (which is rare for me). My doctor also said that as Propranolol suppresses adrenaline I'm likely to get far more tired from doing exercise than before- not exactly what I need to help me get more active. It feels kind of like a catch 22, my headaches are debilitating but then so is being overweight, but hopefully I won't feel too affected by them (fingers and toes crossed anyway!) I really don't want it to hold me back as I feel like I'm just starting to get into my stride with exercise.

One last thing before I go into town- I've also decided to upload a progress photo (eek!!) So once I've found the camera cable I'll add those on. Later alligators!! :) 

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