Thursday, 2 August 2012

Gym update

That's week two of my circuit/strength training class completed! When I got there I was pretty scared at the mention of the words 'Fitness Test'. But I have to say it wasn't half as bad as I was imagining before the class actually started. The class consisted of the same warm up as last week. I struggled yet again with my coordination (or lack of) but did manage to copy the instructors exercises. Then we did the same set of runs as last week. Before we started our fitness tests we were paired up and told that one of us would count while the other worked out and vice virsa, seems simple right? Well apparently not! The first test was the sit to stand exercise. I managed to do 35 in a minute. My partner did 33, however when we finished and went over to tell the instructor our scores she said she did 36...I didn't say anything, because I just wouldn't and thought to myself she's only cheating herself really. Anyway, then we did shuttle runs from one end of the hall and back for 1 minute, I *think* I did 6 full ones. The reason I'm not 100% sure is that my partner said she couldn't remember if I did 6 or 10- I mean seriously, there's kind of a difference! So I ended up saying 6 to the instructor, as I feel this is more likely. Then we had to do 1 minute of step up exercises, I did 46. Lastly, we had 6 minutes to do a series of exercises and shuttle runs, we basically had to do as many as we could manage and I did 6 in total. 

Although it probably sounds like I don't like the lady I was partnered with, she did actually seem lovely and was pretty encouraging. I think it's just taught me to keep a note of my own scores even when someone else is supposed to be doing it, so I'll remember that for next time. :) 

I don't really know how well I did as such. But I'm looking forward to aiming for an improvement next time we do them. I bumped into one of the instructors as I was leaving and he asked how I found it? I admitted I was nervous at the thought of a fitness test but actually enjoyed it more than I imagined. It was nice to hear it reiterated that it's all about our own numbers/scores and how well we do against ourselves rather than compared to others, which is something I've always associated with 'fitness tests' before. 

Seeing as I'm on this fitness programme and it offers free use of the gym facilities I have been trying to take advantage of this. My aim is to workout for an hour each time I go. I went 2 times on top of my class last week. As for this week I plan to go tomorrow after work. I'm off today so really should go but because the use of the gym is free I'm only permitted to use it at certain times, so day is between 7-9pm. I know I should be more motivated and go tonight but my excuse reasoning behind not going is that I have walked into town and back TWICE today, which comes to just over an hour of solid walking. The reason that it was twice is because one of the presents I bought for my husbands birthday turned out to be just an empty box, so fair to say I wasn't best pleased when I realised this! I wanted to go back to the shop as soon as possible before they accused me of lying about the box containing nothing so that's why I went twice. I suppose it turned out to be a positive as it meant I ended up doing twice the exercise I would have done today. So 'every cloud...' and all that! :)

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