Thursday, 2 August 2012

Phone appointment/ my fitness pal

I forgot to mention the phone appointment I had yesterday from 'Healthy Change' the NHS run programme I'm going to the gym through. They've got a really long waiting list so that's why I've only just had my 'first' phone appointment. Technically it's not the first call I've had from them, as that's how I got onto this gym programme. But it is the first in depth call I've had from them. I thought it would take like 5 minutes but I ended up being on the phone for nearly an hour! It was quite comprehensive as the woman I spoke to asked detailed questions about my diet,exercise, well being, general health and goals. So long conversion/story short, I've set a number of goals which will be revisited in my next call from them in September. 

My goals are:
1). To increase my fruit and veg intake to 5 a day.
2). Reduce how much crisps (my biggest weakness!!) I eat to one       bag a week and replace the crisps I eat now with healthier       options of snack-a-jacks for snacks.
3). Reduce the amount of fizzy drinks that I have to 2 a week
4). Eat less cheese
5). Lose 1.5 lbs a week

So they are pretty achievable if I can stick at them. So fingers crossed I can do it! 

On a side note I've just started using 'myfitnesspal' and wondered how we add the badges and tickers to our blogs? as I can't seem to work it out myself! Any help would be much appreciated! :)

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