Saturday, 11 August 2012

Say Cheese!!

So I've finally gone and done it and uploaded a couple of rather scary photos of myself. Apologies for the serious/grumpy look on my face- that's my concentrating face :)

I've also decided to put up my 'numbers', which was a huge decision for me as I've always been incredibly private and ashamed of them. I figured if most of you lovely people share then I can too.  

I'll keep this post short but thought I'd add that I'm shattered!! My workout today really kicked my butt into gear!! I worked out for 1 hour 20 minutes solid today at the gym. I usually work out for 1 hour but as I had to cut my workout on Wednesday short to 45 minutes, so I would make my doctors appointment I wanted to make up for it today- and boy does it feel like I did!! I think I was starting to get used to exercising for 1 hour so my body found this extra 20 minutes a shock today! The 20 minute walk home from the gym really finished me off! I do feel quite proud of myself for staying on the treadmill for 30 minutes though and I even managed to mix it up with jogging for 10 minutes of those 30. It wasn't 10 minutes straight- I think that would actually kill me!!! I did it in intervals but I surprised myself that I could actually do it and not collapse at the end! I'm not saying my legs weren't jelly but I could still use them to go on the rowing machine so that's a plus! :) 

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  1. Yay on your awesome gym workout! I totally know what you mean about being ashamed of that dreaded numbers. Mine was 250!! And It was very concerning to put that picture and that weight. Its brave and awesome!! Most people who read this will so supportive and if there arent that arent, psh! Use them to make you stronger, right?! :D