Thursday, 30 August 2012

Yoga or Pilates?

After my last weigh in my HCA recommended I slow down on my gym workouts until after I get my MRI scan (which I don't know when I'll get...) as my knee is feeling a bit aggravated (I was only going 3-4 times a week) but I do a fair bit of walking aswell. I was pretty disappointed as I feel like it's all finally starting to feel more like it's becoming a routine for me to actually do exercise. 

Anyhoo, she suggested I try Yoga or something with less impact on the joints instead, which is something I have always been interested in. I picked up a leaflet about the different classes that run at my gym and found that there's a few Yoga classes and also some Pilates classes. So when I was at the gym last night I asked one the instructors if these classes were suitable for beginners and her response was "try it and see how you feel" before swiftly walking off...not exactly helpful! I know I'd need to take it at my own pace but I kind of wanted some more info on the classes. I think I will try one of them but the question is which one? 

So I wondered if anyone would recommend one over the other? Has anyone tried either, what did you think of it?   

I liked this wee proverb. It's very true as being in the right mindset has been so important for me for the millionth time attempting to have a healthier lifestyle.


  1. I have tried both, but have continually gone back to pilates. It's just what I prefer, but I think part of it has to do with the instructors I've had rather than the actual program.

    I've only gone to one yoga class (well, more than one, but I suppose I should say I've only experienced one instructor), and the instructor was very... hippie. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but when it should've been relaxing (something I think yoga holds over pilates), I felt like I wanted to laugh because the instructor was comparing poses to black power motifs, asking us to feel our coccyx spread roots and grow into the ground, and waving lavender sprigs in our faces when we were in poses. Maybe I am juvenile, but I just didn't feel like she was the right instructor for me. In addition to this, when she would ask us to hold a pose, keep in mind this was a beginners class, and someone would drop the pose, she would make us do it over and over again until we held it for a certain count. She would also call that person out. This is when I decided to just stick to pilates. I just found the pilates instructors to be more straight forward and focused on the exercises rather than metaphors and scents. To each her own, I suppose, though.

    ANYWAYS, in my case, I enjoy pilates better because of my class experiences, but I think I would actually like yoga better because of the added relaxation techniques if I could find an instructor that met my needs. Oh, and I've heard that people LOVE hot yoga, but I have yet to try it.

    Sorry if this was super long and no help, but it's just what I've experienced. Hope you find something you like!

    1. Hey Erika, firstly I love long comments! I think you're totally right about the type of instructor having a huge bearing on your experience. Like you I really like the idea of Yoga offering the relaxation element but having had a chance to read up on them both more today I think Pilates may be the best choice for me. As I've read it helps strengthen the lower back muscles etc which I think would suit me best. But I'd like to try both to get a feel for each of them. I'm just off to look up 'hot yoga'- as I've never heard of it!

      Hope you find a Yoga class with a better instructor for you and thanks for your comment it gave me more to think about :)

  2. Try them both! I really like pilates. I really dislike yoga (but that's just me a lot of people really enjoy it). It tends to be to meditative and hippy dippy for me. But seriously, you should try both. You'll probably find you have a real preference for one or the other.

    1. Hi Krissy, thanks for your comment. Yeah, I think you're right I really do need to try them both. I think in terms of exercise Pilates will suit me better. But then the relaxation aspect of Yoga appeals to me too. So we shall see! :)