Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Boy did I feel that!

I went to my circuit and strength training class tonight. And it was hard! 

I missed it last week as I had a chesty cold, though I did go to the gym a couple of times last week as I felt kind of guilty for not going to the class. This week it was the weight/strength training that really knackered me rather than the aerobic/cardio side of things. The weights my group were given were (in mine and couple of other ladies opinions) a bit too heavy for us- but we did it! :) It just reiterates that I should really work more on my arms, I want to feel strong in my upper body (I'm not talking muscly or anything like that though). Our instructor seems to LOVE squats so we did a heap of them, he got us to go as low as we could, hold them (for agggges!) and then speed it up and do them super quick. It was tough but I felt it working my thighs straight away!

I have a feeling my arms and legs are going to ache sooooo bad tomorrow, but it's ok that'll remind me how hard I worked :)


  1. He's a smart one! I need to get this butt in shape (quite literally) and I think I'll totally steal that idea!! ;)

    1. My thighs ache a fair bit today I must say! But it just proves all those squats did the job! :)