Sunday, 4 November 2012

My first mile :)

I really surprised myself on Friday by being able to run my first straight mile without stopping/slowing down. Now I know that's nothing to most people but for me it was a huge achievement- and one I never imagined I'd see before now! I ran it in 12 mins 7 seconds which I'm definitely working on! My husband has given me the challenge of eventually running an 8 minute mile- I don't know if this is even physically possible for me?! It may be a bit ambitious but at least it gives me a long term goal to aim towards! My husband used to be one of those people who would run miles and miles for fun- I can't imagine feeling like that! Maybe one day ...Lol  

I was thrilled on Friday but I needed to push myself that little bit more today. I decided to up my speed by 0.5 units and what do you know?! I managed to knock over a minute off my time!! I wish I could have gave myself a high 5 when those 11 minutes 2 seconds were up!!! But then again I was a little preoccupied with the fact that my chest felt like it was going to explode- no joke! Ha! 
Sorry for the crappy quality of this photo but I was trying to take it as quickly as possible as I didn't want to look like a proper weirdo getting snap happy in the gym! 

After the treadmill I did some weight training and finished off on the elliptical. 35 minutes is the longest I've stayed on it before so I'm chuffed with that- I love seeing how many calories I've burned!! :)                                                                                                                        I'm having a break tomorrow as we're going to a bonfire and fireworks display, but should get back on it on Tuesday! Hope everyone's had a great weekend! :) 


  1. great job!! Im not a runner at all! Its so hard for me to run a mile!

    sounds like you kicked butt at the gym!

    1. Thanks Jessica, it's fair to say i'm definitely not a natural runner but I'll stick with it as best I can :)

  2. Good job!! That is definitely something to be proud of!! :)

  3. Thats Awesome Mege!!!!

    Although i now have issues with your choice of husband if he used to run for fun you never told me he was a weirdo ;) joke xxx

    you should be so so proud of yourself!! seriously im sitting here smiling because my baby cousin is doing such a great job and inspiring me so much!!!

    Love you!!

    1. Well you made me smile when I read this :)

      I can't believe I married someone who was obsessed with running- talk about opposites attracting!haha

      Love you too xxx