Monday, 28 January 2013


Sooooo I'm just back from my first appointment with my HCA since the start of December. As predicted I've put on and I'm sad to say it's 8lbs :( bad times! I'm not going to lie I am disappointed in myself but there's no point on dwelling on it- I'm not going lose it again by feeling sorry for myself! I need to really get serious about refocusing my efforts. Gym wise I think I'm doing ok. This last week I've done the "1000 Star Jump Challenge" again. I decided to split it across the 7 days by doing 150 star jumps for the 6 days and 100 on the last day. It's amazing how much I felt it working down my sides and my waist and it really did get my heart racing. It made me think about something I've always remembered that my P.E. teacher in school said once, that if you don't get out of breath at least 3 times a week then your fitness is decreasing. So since then I've always had it in my head that I'm doing ok if that's the case (I'm not saying there's anything scientific in it but it makes me feel better about being a heavy breathing puffing mess!Lol)

I've started using the treadmill more recently. The first pic is from the first time I did 2 miles on the treadmill, as you can see it took me about 26 min 20 secs BUT when I next did it it took me 25 min 26 secs. I know that's nothing to shout about to most people but it involved a lot of hard work to keep going to get to those 2 miles. So, I'm going to work on getting my time down bit by bit! So watch this space! ;) 

I think the biggest thing I need to focus on just now is being more mindful about my eating. I've seriously pigged out lately and need to snap out of it, there's no excuses! But more on that another time!

Right, I'd best get going as I have my next physio appointment this afternoon! :)  

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