Thursday, 7 March 2013

Feeling refreshed

Well today certainly got better as the day went on!

Work was shit to put it bluntly. It's far more stressful than it should be for the type of job it is and I'm left feeling more and more anxious about it, all the time. I know what I need to do but the prospect of finding a new job is equally as daunting...hmmm I'll figure it out another time :-/

Anyhoo, so I had a crappy start to the today then I had a list of jobs to do (including going to the library to print off our boarding passes for our trip to Venice- Eeeekkkk!!!) My list also included going to the gym- I've not had a proper good sesh in far too long... So after deliberating whether to go one way or the other at the traffic lights (home vs gym moment!) I decided on the gym! Then I was faced with climbing the 5 flights of stairs- I really don't get how some days it's a breeze ok and others I just want collapse before I even get through the door!? (Today was one of those days). So when I get in I head to the locker room and sit in a cubicle for a good 5 mins trying to decide if I can be bothered today and although initially unenthusiastic I knew I HAD to...after all I didn't climb those stairs for nothing :) 

I started off on the treadmill and managed 30 mins of intervals, then moved on to some weight training and finished off on the bike.


Totally gross I know, but I like getting my sweat on and I feel like I really earned that t-shirt today! 

So yeah, the reason this day turned out good: I was peddling away on the bike while checking my facebook and happen to see a post from the florist that did my wedding flowers. I should probably give some background here: They had a competition offering free delivery of a £40 bouquet and box of Hebridean chocolates and you guessed it-yours truly won!!! I had to describe why my mam's so special in 5 words only- boy was that tricky- I could write an essay! Anyway, my winning 5 words were "Always there despite the miles". I was so thrilled that they picked me as my mam totally deserves a lovely surprise on Mother's Day this Sunday! 

With all the excitement I realised I was peddling after my timer had stopped recording my calories so I had to reset the bike so as to ensure I reached my goal of burning 500 calories at the gym. 

Then to top my night off I've been talking to a friend I've not seen in a year about meeting up soon!! Tomorrows plan is to go swimming with Rosie and run a couple of errands. Oh, and I also have tomorrow off work so win-win! :)


  1. Sounds like an awesome day!! :)

  2. 1. You're words were fantastic. Congrats on winning something so special!.

    2. I'm so glad your on MyFitnessPal with me, please don't think I'm a creep for stalking you on all medias lol.

    3. What kind of work do you do?

    4. I love a good sweat sesh shirt. Gym is always a good choice!

    1. 1.Thank you, I just wish I could see her face on Sunday but I'm sure she'll be surprised and happy so that'll be enough :)

      2.Haha...If anything I feel like the stalker! So feel free to stalk away!

      3. I work for a Travel Money Bureau in a department store. Long story short: If we were allowed to focus on the Travel Money it would be fine but we're always being pulled off to "help" on other departments. Then we get it in the neck when we don't meet our targets despite not being allowed to be in our booth. Also, our supervisor isn't really the best which makes things difficult. But the truth is I really don't know what on earth I want to do for a job. And I feel bad for not using my degree but there's not even a job related to that I want to do either :(

      4.Sweat sesh all the way! :D