Thursday, 21 March 2013


Venice was lovely...just what we needed! Just can't believe it's been and gone already! Or that the reason we went was to mark our first year of married life...where did those 365 days go?? (and also our 4 year anniversary of being a couple). Although we had to wait a while for our "honeymoon" I'm glad we did, it meant a lot to get away.

I do love a city break. We wandered around the city and ended up down a few dead ends (I think it's a given in Venice that everyone gets a little lost at least a couple of times! Thank God for iphones that's all I can say!haha) We took in the sights, took a gondola ride, went on a day trip by boat to Murano and ate some too much good food! Pizza, pasta, ice-cream, meringues (didn't know that was an Italian thing?)...But yeah you get the picture, I overdid it a wee bit BUT we also did A LOT of walking- that balances it out right??? 





Evidently not...I had worked pretty hard at the gym the week before we left as I expected a gain from being on holiday and needless to say there was one. But once again I'm trying to shift it. I haven't made an appointment to see my HCA yet. Truth is I don't want to go and have an "official" gain- denial much?!... But maybe it's a good thing that I don't want to let her down either. Don't get me wrong, I'm doing this for me and my future but knowing that someone else is rooting for me is an incentive. I want to work hard and hopefully be at least (or most, I suppose) the weight I was before I left to go on holiday- so wish me luck! Again I've noticed the huge impact of not keeping track of my eating, just a week off and all my good efforts go out the window- not anymore!! I'm back to myfitnesspal (MFP). I have to mention aswell, what inspiration I'm getting from instagram at the moment. The constant effort some people make is incredible, and makes me realise how half hearted I am sometimes most of the time. I've also started drinking green tea. Well, like today, I started today! Does anyone else? Do you think you get any benefit from drinking it? I know it's no magic potion but wanted to know if it's any good. 

Happy Thursday folks!  :)


  1. Love Love Love the pictures!!! Someday I would love to go overseas! You look great! Keep at it, you got this girl!!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I really want to go so many places, just need to save up some pennies first! :)