Monday, 17 June 2013

Back to business! it appears I've been neglecting my blog big time. Almost 3 months infact- where did the time go?! Soooooo...the big question is have I lost weight? Well, yes AND no. I have but it was lbs I'd put back on over the first few months of 2013...I think I'm 3-4 lbs off being back to my lowest weight from back in Oct/Nov of last year. So it's finally starting to go in the right direction. I've been seeing my HCA more regularly too which has been good for me knowing that I'll be weighed every week by someone else. I'm back to using myfitnesspal. Apparently I've "logged in for 20 days in a row"- Yay- go me!! My husband is also using it so that's encouraging me to keep it up. I've also been going to the gym a bit more and started swimming in the last week, think today was the 3rd time this week- I'm definitely feeling better for it!

I've noticed a pattern of when I'm comfort eating though and it's just out of boredom. My husband has been working odd hours over the last week and a bit, so he doesn't get home until 11-12 at night and I end up feeling a bit at a loss of what to do. So I think it's time I set myself another mini task, maybe the 30 day Ab Challenge seeing as I've completed the 30 day Squat challenge I saw on the lovely Bailey's blog. Boy was that tough but I'm quite chuffed with myself for completing it despite my dodgy knee.

Here's a few pics of some notable things I've done exercise wise in the last couple of months:

This was the longest solid workout I've done on one machine (sorry it's fuzzy, I probably had the shakes after doing it! haha)

An empty gym just how I like it :)

I managed to jog/run for a full 30 minutes, I was even able to catch my breath by reducing my speed to a jog (not a walking pace, which I usually do). This felt like such an achievement for me...I've not tried to do it again so it may be a fluke! I need to buck up the courage to prove it wasn't!! And I've also done a mile in the quickest time yet, there's still plenty to work on but it's a start :)

                                   And here I am being a sweaty mess! 

Oh, and check out my emerging guns! :P

I'll finish by sharing this picture I took of some graffiti that I keep finding all over Nottingham. This one is on the bridge I walk across to the gym. I really like its positive message :) 

P.S. I'll try to post more regularly- pinky promise!! :)